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Point zero. Where it all begins. You might have heard about a dish named "Kapsalon", or even tasted it. Well, this one is just like that. But totally different. 

We use super-fresh ingredients and homemade recipes to lift it to a whole different level. 

This one is even more fresh than Will Smith in the nineties. 

Don't fool with the old skool.

The Kapsalon (21).jpg
Big Fat Greek (13).jpg


Damn. We freakin' love those warm, windy Mediterranean evenings, and this one is designed perfectly to get really nostalgic. It brings together all the best southern Europe has to offer. Eggplant, paprika, olives, and some real delicious feta cheese.  

In need of meat? Nah.

Never underestimate the power of some real feta cheese...

Feta Fatal!


Get into the sweaty Bombay night vibe.

This dish could have come straight outta Bollywood. We loaded fresh Belgian fries, crispy baked, with eastern-vibed Indian curry. Yeah, we love mixing up those unconventional ingredients. But nevertheless, you'll be surprised, it's funny how well Massala marinated chicken thighs, matured mozzarella, and red Indian curry, go with our beloved fries. 

On which cilantro-side are you? No worries, we'll leave it of if you desire so. 

Bombay Butter Chicken (18).jpg
Mexican Beef Muchacho (7).jpg


We went a little further to get our inspiration for this one. It's loaded with the best ingredients central-america has to offer. Crunchy fried sweet potato fries, loaded with a fresh beef chili, aioli, and sour cream. We top it off with fresh lime and cilantro. Slightly spicy, but so damn fresh. 

Oh, for those cilantro-haters, we considered your likings as well, just ask us to leave it off. 

Aye Caramba!


We don't know a lot of Canadian recipes, but the one we know, boy that's one damn finger licking dish. Yeah that's right, we're talking 'bout Poutine. Just fries, gravy and cheese. Messy and tasty, our credo. For this load, we added confit duck leg and scallions. The taste is from another world.  

If you're in a festive mood, we've got your ass covered. 

Poutine madness...

What the Duck (4).jpg

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